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Stephanie Pedraza

Stephanie Pedraza is a unique combination of singer, song writer, flamenco dancer and cantaora (traditional flamenco singing) based in Vancouver BC. Born into a Latin-American family and having moved to Colombia at a very early age, she has been constantly immersed in her latin roots of song and dance. Her original musical compositions are an honest reflection of her rich Latin-American background, of her experience growing up in Cali-Colombia and a perfect blend of traditional latin rhythms, pop, jazz, English and Spanish lyrics.

In 2003 she moved to Andalucia, Spain, where she trained intensively both in singing and dancing at the world renowned Fundacion de Arte Flamenco Cristina Heeren where she studied with some of the most prominent figures in flamenco such as: Milagros Menjibar, Rafael Campallo, Carmen Ledesma, Asuncion “La Choni” Perez and Sonia Miranda. And later with El Farru, Isabel Bayon, Andres Peña, and David Hornillo to name a few.

Over the past decade, she has performed and taught workshops across Canada and internationally in countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala and USA. Among her many appearances on stage, some include: Vancouver International Flamenco Festival 2011 and 2009, Calgary International Flamenco Festival 2011, Concurso Nacional de Flamenco 2010, organized by The National Institute of Flamenco in Albuquerque NM, Festival Luna Nueva in Portland, OR with the production “Aliole”, Vancouver International Film Festival 2008 closing gala ceremony, The Portuguese Heritage Month concert series 2008 in Vancouver, BC, Al Mozaico Flamenco Dance Theatre productions “Poemas de Alegria” and “Feria de la Costa” under the direction of Vancouver´s acclaimed Oscar Nieto and countless performances with Flamenco Rosario dance company, under the direction of Rosario Ancer, founder of Vancouver´s Centro Flamenco.

When she is not performing or teaching flamenco dance and singing classes in Vancouver, she is touring, writing music and sharing her art with others across the globe.

Stephanie released her first cd titled “Where I Rest” in November 2011. Since then, she has been featured on CBC radio, several times on CO OP Radio, and played numerous festivals including The Harmony Arts Festival and Robson Valley Music Festival. Her cd is currently available on iTunes, CD Baby, through Highlife Records and through her website.

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