SKETCHES OF FLAMENCO presented by Chufla - arteflamenco

Edmonton - Saturday, December 1, 2012
Expressionz Cafe -

Calgary - Saturday, February 9, 2013
National Music Centre -


Sketches of Flamenco
presented by Chufla - arteflamenco

Showcasing guest Vancouver artist Stephanie Pedraza,
Chufla - arteflamenco presents Sketches of Flamenco
an intimate evening of live flamenco dance, guitar and song.

The show features an inspiring collaboration between flamenco artists from Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton. Guitarist David Matyas accompanies singer and dancer Stephanie Pedraza and dancers Francesca Canalizo, Jane Ogilvie and Maria Regnier as the group brings their years of dedication to this passionate art form to the stage.

Partially inspired by jazz great Miles Davis' 1960 landmark album “Sketches of Spain”, Sketches of Flamenco features a collection of live song, guitar and dance pieces reflecting the artists individual and collective experiences with the intricate art of flamenco. As Miles Davis was inspired by Spain and flamenco, Sketches of Flamenco explores how flamenco continues to inspire and be interpreted by artists globally.

Featuring traditional flamenco song, guitar and dance infused with the soul of Spain, Sketches of Flamenco promises to be an unforgettable and inspiring evening.

Sketches of Flamenco's Calgary show featured the addition of percussionist Praddep Vyas.

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