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Jane Ogilvie

Jane has been immersed in the study of flamenco for over fifteen years. She has studied with noted Canadian flamenco artists Oscar Nieto and Claudia Carolina and with visiting teachers from the United States, Spain, France and Mexico. She has also traveled to study flamenco in Spain and South America. Highlights of Jane’s education have included classes with such international artists as: Juana Amaya, la Cíntia, los Farrucos, Juan del Gastor, Ramón Martínez, El Oruco, Sabas Santos, and many others. Her studies focus on dance but also include flamenco history, theory, song and percussion. Most recently for the month of July 2012, she returned to study in Spain for one month focusing on flamenco dance, theory and rhythm.

As a dancer, Jane has been invited as a soloist to perform in various productions in both Calgary and Edmonton including Ritmo presented by Tracy Cumberbatch, Flamenco 2! presented by Rosanna and Graziella Terracciano, and Noche Flamenca presented by Annette Morcos. As co-producer, Jane has presented and performed in the Edmonton shows Flamenco y Olé and Tríptico.

In Edmonton, Jane has been teaching flamenco since 2001. Her classes focus on proper dance technique and the understanding of the rhythmic and musical structure of flamenco so the dance can be approached with an improvisational attitude and an understanding of where dance fits with song, rhythm and guitar. She sings for her classes and regularly hosts guitarists and student singers for accompaniment.

In addition to her commitment to the study of flamenco, Jane freelances as a graphic designer with a BFA in printmaking from the University of Calgary. She also holds an ARCT (teachers) in piano from the Royal Conservatory of Music, maintaining an active teaching studio and arranging music both for piano students and flamenco productions.

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