SKETCHES OF FLAMENCO presented by Chufla - arteflamenco

Edmonton - Saturday, December 1, 2012
Expressionz Cafe -

Calgary - Saturday, February 9, 2013
National Music Centre -



Please note that this information is from February 2013

Guest Artists
Stephanie Pedraza - Singer / Dancer (Vancouver)
Pradeep Vyas - Percussionist (Calgary)

Chufla Artists
David Matyas - Guitarist (Calgary)
Francesca Canalizo - Dancer (Calgary)
Jane Ogilvie - Dancer (Edmonton)
Maria Regnier - Dancer (Calgary)

Chufla – arteflamenco is a dynamic collective of Alberta based flamenco artists. Their performances are intimate live collaborations exploring their deep passion for the art of flamenco dance, rhythm, song and guitar.

Founded in 2009 by Edmonton dancers Silvia Soto and Jane Ogilvie, and Calgary guitarist David Matyas, it has since grown to include Calgary dancers Francesca Canalizo, Tracy Cumberbatch and Maria Regnier.

Collective members have extensive training in Spain and from Spanish artists visiting Canada. Past shows have featured talented guest artists including dancer Rosanna Terracciano, violinist Jonathan Lewis, and singer Marni Benavides.

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